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Shinji Tsujikawa
Department of Physics,
Faculty of Science,
Tokyo University of Science,
1-3 Kagurazaka, Shinjuku-ku,
Tokyo, 162-8601, Japan

Phone (Office):
+81 3 5228 8150   (ext.) 2391

Fax (Office):  +81 3 5261 1023

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Curriculum Vitae:
I am a professor at Tokyo University of Science.
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Research interest:

The research of cosmology has now become a very exciting area with the development of observations. It is of interest to investigate

My main research interest is to reveal the physical phenomena in the early universe by mixing the theoretical predictions and the observational data. I would like to construct cosmological models which are most favoured from observations.

In particular I am interested in research areas related to cosmology and gravitation such as:

My books:

Dark Energy--Theory and Observations (Cambridge University Press)
       Luca Amendola and Shinji Tsujikawa (published in June, 2010)

[2]   Lecture of modern cosmology (Science Press, Japanese)
     Shinji Tsujikawa (published in July, 2013)

[3]   General Relativity and the fate of Universe (C & R research, Japanese)
     Shinji Tsujikawa (published in February, 2015)

[4]   The Encyolopedia of Cosmology, volume 3: Dark energy
     Shinji Tsujikawa (published in May, 2018)

My review articles:

[1]  Inflation dynamics and reheating
Reviews of Modern Physics 78, 537-589 (2006),
astro-ph/ 0507632

      With Bruce A. Bassett (Capetown, South Africa) and David Wands (Portsmouth, UK)
      Review article on cosmic inflation

[2]  Dynamics of dark energy
International Journal of Modern Physics D15, 1753-1936 (2006),

      With Edmund J. Copeland (Nottingham, UK) and M. Sami (Jamia Millia Islamia, India)
      Review article on dark energy.

   This paper was introduced as a ''Fast Breaking Paper'' in the Thomson webpage.

[3]  f(R) theories
       Living Reviews in Relativity, 13: 3, 2010
       arXiv: 1002.4928 [gr-qc]

      With Antonio De Felice (Tokyo University of Science, Japan)
      Review article on f(R) theories.

[4]   Modified gravity models of dark energy
       Lect. Notes Phys. 800, 99 (2010)
arXiv: 1101.0191 [gr-qc]

        Lecture note on modified gravity and dark energy

[5]   Quintessence: a review
Classical and Quantum Gravity, 30, 214003 (2013)
       arXiv: 1304.1961 [gr-qc]

       Review article on quintessence

[6]   The effective field theory of inflation/dark energy and the Horndeski theory

       Lect. Notes Phys. 892, 97 (2015)
arXiv: 1404.2684 [gr-qc]

       Lecture note on the effctive field theory of modified gravity

My interpretive articles:

[1]   Suurikagaku(April, 2005):Recent progress of quantum gravity(Hideo Kodama and other authurs)
   ''Loop quantum gravity'' (p52-p57)

[2]   Tenmon Geppou (SKYLIGHT, September, 2007):
   ''What is the origin of dark energy?'' (p462-472)

[3]   Suurikagaku (June, 2009):Physics and assocaited equations(Miki Wadati and other authurs)
   ''Einstein equations'' (p42-p46)

[4]   Suurikagaku (July, 2011):Hidden law of physics(Tetsuya Shiromizu and other authurs)
Hidden constant: Dark energy'' (p42-p46)

[5]   Physical society monthly magazine (July, 2014)
   ''Dark energy and modified gravity''

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Papers for public:

[1] Science Watch (Thomson company) : The following paper was introduced as
''NEW HOT PAPERS'' in July, 2008.
       ''Conditions for the cosmological viablity of f(R) dark energy models''
        L. Amendola, R. Gannouji, D. Polarski and S. Tsujikawa
        Physical Review D75, 083504 (2007)

[2] The Telegraph India :
The following paper was introduced in March, 2005.
       ''What is needed of a tachyon if it is to be the dark energy?''
        E. Copeland, M. Garousi, M. Sami and S. Tsujikawa
        Physical Review D71, 043003 (2005)

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Projects : 

[1] Member of FastSound

[2] Member of DECIGO

[3] Member of J-PAS

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