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Submanifold Geometry and Lie Group Actions 2016
  Date : 1-2 September, 2016

Tokyo University of Science (Kagurazaka Campus)

  1 September

      10:00〜11:00 Keisuke Takasao (The University of Tokyo)
           Existence of weak solution and monotonicity formula
           for volume preserving mean curvature flow

11:20〜12:20 Masaya Kawamura (Tokyo Metropolitan University)
On the classification problem of static pluriclosed metrics
on minimal non-Kaehler compact complex surfaces
14:00〜15:00 Hiroshi Iriyeh (Ibaraki University)
           The intersection of two real forms in complex flag manifolds
               and its application to Lagrangian Floer homology
-in the case where two real forms are congruent-
15:15〜16:15 Ono Hajime (Saitama University)
           Non Hamiltonian volume minimizing Lagrangian torus orbits
           in toric Kaehler manifolds

      16:30〜17:30 Jun-ichi Inoguchi (University of Tsukuba)
           Magnetic curves and contact structures

  2 September
      10:00〜11:00 Shinj Oono (Tokyo Metropolitan University)
           A construction of weakly reflective submanifolds
           in compact symmetric spaces
      11:20〜12:20 Kurando Baba (Tokyo University of Science)
           A duality between compact symmetric triads and semisimple
           pseudo-Riemannian symmetric pairs with its applications
      14:00〜15:00 Kazuyuki Hasegawa (Kanazawa University)
           An inclusive immersion into a quaternionic manifold
           and its invariants
      15:15〜16:15 Reiko Aiyama (University of Tsukuba)
           On doubly-connected minimal Lagrangian surfaces

      16:30〜17:30 Atsushi Kasue (Kanazawa University)
           Resolutive ideal boundaries of infinite networks

            Supported by : Grants-in-aid for Scientic Research (C) 25400076
                         Naoyuki Koike (Tokyo University of Science)