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Submanifold Geometry and Lie Group Actions 2019
  Date : 25-26 December, 2019

Tokyo University of Science (Kagurazaka Campus)

  25 December

    10:00〜11:00 Akifumi Ochiai (Tokyo Metropolitan University)
           A construction of Lagrangian mean curvature flows
           by generalized perpendicular symmetries
    11:10〜12:10 Masaya Kawamura (National Institute of Technology,
                          Kochi College)
           On some parabolic flows on almost complex manifolds
    14:00〜15:00 Masahiro Morimoto (Osaka City University)
           On inimal PF submanifolds with symmetries
    15:15〜16:15 Keita Kunikawa (Tohoku university)
           On a Relation between Two Monotonicity Formulas
           for Mean Curvature Flow
    16:30〜17:30 Toru Kajigaya (Tokyo Denki University)
           Uniformizing surfaces via discrete harmonic maps

  26 December
    10:00〜11:00 Kurando Baba (Tokyo University of Science)
           Symmetric triads with multiplicities and
           double Satake diagrams
    11:10〜12:10 Kaoru Ikeda (Keio Univeristy)
           An application of Poisson sigma model to
           unitary representations of Heisenberg groups
    14:00〜15:00 Hiroyuki Tasaki (University of Tsukuba)
           Maximal antipodal sets of compact Lie groups
           and compact symmetric spaces
    15:15〜16:15 Makoto Kimura (Ibaraki University)
           Twistor space of complex 2-plane Grassmannians and
Hopf hypersurfaces in non-flat complex space forms

    16:30〜17:30 Kazumi Tsukada (Ochanomizu University)
           Lagrangian submanifolds of S^6 and the associative
           Grassmann manifold

            Supported by : Grants-in-aid for Scientic Research (C) 18K03311
                         Naoyuki Koike (Tokyo University of Science)