Araki Lab. 2023

Araki Lab. 2023

Brain Information Science.
Department of Applied Physics, Tokyo University of Science

*** Our Policy ***

  • We think that it is very important to educate students as well as to seek
    fruitful results in the research area.
    We aim to foster highly motivational students with much problem-solving capability.
    The students of our group are expected to have three behavioral principles as follows:

      (1) Act purposively.
        You should have a dream or purpose of your own. Then, do your best.
      (2) Behave actively.
        Believe your feeling, think about it deeply for yourself, and do it.
        Certainly we are glad to support you.
        Research is fundamentally mysterious. That's why it's very interesting.
        Anyway, take a step toward your goal.
      (3) Let's enjoy it.
        If it is an interesting study, keep doing it!
        Then tell your friends about it.
        Even if you meet with difficulties, complain about them to us.
        Discussion or just talking will melt the obstacles.
        In addition, we sometimes have parties, an excursion, and sports events.

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