Makoto Yamamoto

 Fluids such as water and air not only moisturize our lives but also play an important role to support our comfortable living. There are various machines involved with fluids; for example, aircraft and automobiles, household electrical appliances. Our laboratory pursue research aiming at elucidating the flow of various machines by computer simulation based on fluid engineering and aiming to give guidance on the development of machinery that is environmentally friendly and enriches human life. Recently, we have been vigorously researching and developing computer simulation methods for multiphysics fluid phenomena in which various physical phenomena interfere with each other complicatedly, and we are trying to apply industrial application of the developed method.We also conduct research to analyze various diseases of the vascular system by computer simulation and provide guidelines for diagnosis and treatment.  About 14 students in the undergraduate and about 15 graduate students each year belong to our laboratory, each working on a different research theme.

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