Industrial fluid machinery

1.Numerical study on nanoparticle adhesion phenomenon in rectangular duct flow

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 In recent years, an increase in pressure loss due to adhesion of nanoparticles has become a problem in piping in fluid machinery. At present, the mechanism of particle adhesion phenomena occurring in fluid machines has not yet been elucidated, and it is necessary to understand the process of particle attachment and its control method. When particles bocomes nanosize, the particles are strongly affected by thermophoresis. In this paper, we investigated the adhesion phenomenon of nanoparticles by thermophoresis and investigated the influence of particle deposition layer on flow field and particle adhesion by numerical calculation. As a result, nanoparticles adhered to the wall surface by thermophoresis, and an interaction in which the sedimentary layer changed the flow field was observed.

2.Noise prediction for axial fans

 Rotating machines called fans are all used for electronic devices such as fans, coolers, refrigerators, and personal computers. Those rotating machines, the most obvious example is a fan, but whenever the fan turns it will sound. In this research, we conducted a research to reproduce the sound by computer. There are two reasons, one is because no one has succeeded yet, and the other is because fundamentally treats the sound of the fan if it can be reproduced. Reproducing means that you know what sounds come out from where. On the contrary, if that is known, it also serves as a clue to erase the noisiness.

3.Numerical prediction of sand erosion phenomenon

 In recent years, a material called CMC has attracted attention as a high temperature member of a jet engine of an aircraft. However, this CMC has the disadvantage of being vulnerable to sand erosion. Sand erosion is a phenomenon in which sand particles are sucked from the entrance of the engine and damage the materials in the engine. To prevent this, a coating is applied to the CMC surface, but its resistance to erosion is unknown in many points. In order to elucidate that, in this study, CFD is used to perform erosion simulation targeting CMC boards and CMC blades.