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Conference"Submanifold Geometry and Lie Group Actions"

  Date : 2-3 September, 2011

Tokyo University of Science (Kagurazaka Campus)

  2 September

      10:00〜11:00  Hironao Kato (Osaka City University)
                  Castling transformations of projective structures

11:20〜12:20  Manabu Akaho (Tokyo Metropolitan University)
              Morse theory on manifolds with boundary

14:00〜15:00  Atsumu Sasaki (Tokai University)
              An orbit decomposition for spherical
             4-symmetric space

15:15〜16:15  Kentarou Saji (Gifu University)
                  Singularity of great circular surfaces
              in the

  Miyuki Koiso (Kyushu University)
              Stability of surfaces with constant anisotropic mean
          curvature and applications to physical phenomena

  3 September

      10:00〜11:00  Takayuki Moriyama (Kyoto University)
              The Moduli space of transverse Calabi-Yau
           structures on foliated manifolds

      11:20〜12:20  Takashi Sakai (Tokyo Metropolitan University)
              Special Lagrangian submanifolds in the cotangent
               bundle of the sphere


      14:00〜15:00  Hiroyuki Tasaki (Tuskuba University)
              Antipodal sets and its applications

      15:15〜16:15  Nobuhiro Innami (Niigata University)

  Kazumi Tsukada (Ochanomizu University)
              Quarternionic differential geometry on
           totally complex submanifolds of
           a quaternionic projective space

                    Supported by : Grants-in-aid for Scientic Research (C) 21540095 : Naoyuki Koike,
                                                        Tokyo University of Science